Lawn Reseeding

Averette Road Landscape Supply offers the quality products you need to reseed a lawn. All of these products come in 50-lb. bags. If you are ordering 5 or more yards of one of our other products (mulch, pine straw, rocks, etc) we can add a bag(s) to your delivery.

Tall Fescue triple blend
This triple-blend tall fescue grass seed contains Falcon IV tall fescue, Inferno tall fescue and Renegade Supreme tall fescue — a perfect mix for your lawn.

Rye grass seed
Averette Road Landscape Supply rye grass seed can be planted in early spring or late fall to give a boost to lawns.

Lawn Fertilizer (18-12-10)
Spread this plant food on your lawn to improve growth.

By adding lime  to your lawn, you’ll reduce the acidity in the soil and improve growth.