Mortar Sand & Gravel

Mortar Sand
Averette Road Landscape Supply provides mortar sand, also called masonry sand. This sand is used mainly for mortar mixes and the color is a shade of orange.

River Rock
Decorative rock that is used for walkways, borders, etc.  Averette Road stocks different sizes.  Please call to inquire.

Averette Road Landscape Supply provides ABC/Crusher Run. This stone is used to form a base for driveways and concrete sidewalks. It is a ¼ to 1 of aggregate with sand particles and one cubic yard weighs approximately 2,500 pounds.

Screenings are used to fill between stone, pavers, walkways and patios. One cubic yard weighs approximately 2,800 pounds.

We stock several different size gravel materials for use in driveways, drainage areas, trenches, etc.

Surge is a larger gravel similar to that used on Railroad beds for stability.

RIP RAP is comprised of large rocks that are used as a permanent erosion-resistant ground cover.

We deliver sand and other products when 5 yards or more are purchased. Please call 919-669-0485 for pricing.

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